The Sounds of Our Planet Series Volume 2

"Wind Chimes in the Rain"

Wind Chimes in the Rain

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"Do you find the sound of rain drops relaxing?  As the air is being cleansed and the earth is being replenished with life-giving water, perhaps one's spirit also enjoys cleansing and replenishment?  The sound of a rainstorm can be very therapeutic and a powerful de-stressor as a break from today's modern soundtrack of freeway noise and TV commercials.

Wind Chimes In The Rain, was recorded over 20 years ago in Modesto, California, February 18th, 1986 from about 10:30 pm thru midnight during a very heavy rainstorm.  The recording lasts about 78 minutes and the rain never lets up!  Throughout this recording the rain is constant although it starts heavy, lightens up for awhile and gets heavy again.  You will also notice the wind chimes from time to time and the distant sound of trains going by.

This 3 dimensional recording puts you right in the middle of the storm!  Using modern remastering techniques, tape noise has been removed from the original recording, revealing the clear sound of the rainstorm and natural ambience.   I hope you will enjoy this time capsule of the sounds of heavy rain in California."

Eric Van der Wyk

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